Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Olivia and Ava walk a cat

Here are half the pictures from yesterday. Again remember I forgot to turn off the forced flash so some of the pictures are arty by necessity. But it's all learning and there's nothing wrong with that.

Beautiful girl on the inside and out.

Even when I have the settings that I want sometimes I need a little post production boost. There sure are a lot of fun short cuts in photography these days.

Loving the Fotor scenes app. Changed this:

To this:

And sometimes I just like the fun stuff even when I haven't messed up the picture. This is the free Sketchify app:

Off we go!

Ava hadn't figured out the secret sound code that makes Harry move yet!

Works both ways:

Ava figured out the sound to get him going!

But there's still a lot of stalling...

till he gets close to home and then he likes to run. So nice for someone to have the leash that can let him run full tilt!

Such kind patient girls!

A little Cooper for your day!

And another awesome garden picture Henry took:


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