Saturday, 21 September 2013


Here's me and my mum on my third birthday.

I can't believe its been nearly 6 months since Mom passed away. I'm still kind of waiting for the grief. Maybe it will come I don't know but I still don't feel like I did/do about my Dad. Since I didn't love one parent more than the other I think it's more that I am still so relieved that Mom is free from her life in Alzheimer's. It's a cliche that you grieve for the person with Alzheimer's while they live but it's true.

Probably the saddest I can get is when I listen to the bare naked ladies sing Auld lang syne. You can listen to it here.

I remember so clearly listening to that song over and over one Christmas when we thought we were going to lose Mom. Ironically that was probably about seven or eight years before she actually died. Alzheimer's is a cruelly slow sociopathic killer.

Thanks to my sister Anne for scanning these pictures.

Six or seven year old Ruthie before she dropped the i.

That's Henry holding me.

Here he is near Quebec City with Cooper today for a family celebration for Marcia's sister.

This picture touches my heart. One of my earliest memories is my Dad putting me up on the back of a work horse. Always loved them. Such gentle giants.

I love how Cooper holds onto Henry's shirt. His other arm is usually up in the air giving directions as to where he would like to explore next.

I remember Henry taking my hand and showing me his rabbit hutch outside. Luckily I didn't know they were destined for the market!

Henry says: "Cooper should remember [this]. It was quite intense for him. Right up front with the horses. He had to retreat back to Mommy for a bit at the beginning but he was up with me soon enough. Half way through he was calling out to horses like the driver."

Such cool buildings in Quebec city.

They even named a restaurant after Dana!

Was at the gym and shopping today so our walk was later again. Proud of Harrison that he knows the routine and co operated really well. At times almost trotting along like a puppy. I suppose after all that rain he was just happy to get outside.

He took note of a major shrub cut back. It's funny how he misses trees when they're gone.

Must've had a little wind.

Nothing serious, just stuff that should have been trimmed. We sit there so long sometimes that I'm aware of which trees are cracking and asking for a trim. This one's next.

Lots of new life too.

I made an apple pie type creation tonight.

The sauce was kind of like a caramel sauce. I think I cooked it too long.

Clearly I missed the add a tablespoon of water with the yolk part. Looks kind of gross.

Oh well. It tastes okay.


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