Friday, 27 September 2013

Never leave the playground

Hey there. More of a porch sit than a walk today.

Patriotic cat:

Legs not that sore from yesterday arms still complaining. So I thought well I'll leave the rollator at home and walk with just the cane to the corn roast and cards.


The trick was walking home after sitting on those chairs for three hours. Ha!

Here are a few more pictures from Monday. I still have a few more I'm working on.

"I touched a butterfly!"

Cooper from yesterday. I don't have many kids toys anymore but I do have lots of cat toys!

Harrison was turtling furiously back and forth on his back for Cooper's attention!

You will never guess where I'm going tomorrow! Somewhere I've never been. Let's just say there will be pictures that are not like my usual.


No memes spoke to me today but I hope you will watch this video. It's amazing. Let's play every day.

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