Friday, 20 September 2013

Dry eyed

This is probably about the average walk for me these days. The yellow is with Harry. Hard to know how far to push my leg. I see the surgeon next week and I'll ask him if the shin pain I'm having is normal. The knee is great. Don't think I'll meet my summer goal of walking to Weber St and back but I feel good that it was not for lack of trying.

Disappointed that it didn't rain this afternoon, was hoping to try out the plastic cover that came with my camera case to take pictures of wet flowers. Soon enough it will be a lot colder and more unpleasant when raining and the flowers will be gone. But hey then we're into leaves!

Oops already happening!

Strange to see in 80 degree humid weather while being attacked by gnats!

Harrison would like to get up inside this car with all his heart.

Nosey boy!

Fun with free apps:

Dash of colour:



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