Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Snakes alive!

Well I'm really not sure it was a good idea for me to walk over to the yellow flowers today. That was smacking hot! Really glad tomorrow is swimming. I had wanted to see if I could gain some perspective on the height of the weeds/wildflowers.

Turns out this one is actually only about a foot or so shy of being as tall as the pagoda when the wind blows it straight. I have less than no idea why that was important to me to know.

Curiosity is supposed to kill the cat but Harry quite sensibly sat on the porch and watched chippies. I don't dare leave him on the porch while I go walking by myself. If the garbage truck or the guys with the weedwhacker's came by he would be frantic and there's no way he is silly enough to walk in this kind of heat.

A little Scottish thistle for you Heather:

Karen sent me some more petting zoo pictures tonight:

Emily is always so sweet to babies of any species!

Turns out Karen was the first brave one. She said that the lady that handed her the snake (without much instructions I think) left it with her for over 10 minutes!

She got a lot of compliments about how the snake matched her outfit and also questions about the snake that she couldn't answer.

I love the look on this little girls face!

If they have the same people back next year I will be there with bells on. Not sure I will hold the snake but I'll be there with my camera! This took place at the nursing home where Karen is a nurse at the annual summer barbecue. Should make for some interesting comments from the residents!


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