Sunday, 8 September 2013

Harrison Spielberg

Sweet day. Celebrated my dear friend's birthday by doing Elmira.

My knees do not appreciate Granny weather. That would be rainy weather Siri, but you have a point!

Nevertheless we got some good shopping in and had a lot of fun.

We bought Five County cheese at Kitchen Kuttings and every other store seemed to give away free popcorn. Including the bank.

I didn't see it but my friends told me that at the back of liquidation King there is basically a dollar store in mixed boxes. Underpants next to tissue paper next to toys. Every box a surprise! The lady behind the counter GAVE me a bottle of water.

Every street corner had a gang of exuberant university students raising money for cystic fibrosis.

I felt like I was in Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls.

Harrison made out like a bandit with some new cabinets. Cat nip!

Siri doesn't hear so well with the air conditioner on. But I don't sleep well with 99% humidity going on.

Should have saved this stripey catnip stick for Christmas but I couldn't wait.

An excellent shape for biting and kicking at the same time which, as you are probably aware, is the proper way to enjoy cat nip.

If you click here you'll see the video that Harrison and I made yesterday.

There's really no trick to it he just doesn't want to be picked up and carried and he knows that's the next thing that will happen after he hears that noise. Nevertheless it's the result of a lot of patience and I only use it when I have to get going. Even now in the house when I play it back his ears flicker when he hears the sound.

There are actually a lot of examples of people training cats on YouTube. I would prefer to use positive reinforcement with treats. However despite Harrison's girth he barely wants the two half treats that I give them a day for being brushed and coming inside happily after his walk. He loves his food but training with it worked exactly twice. The boy is not stupid.

I tried flakes of dry turkey thinking they would be less calories and more exciting but he ate one and then never looked at them again. So I'll continue to train him trying to use positive reinforcement in my voice. I really do think he's happier and more active when he's learning and being challenged.

And even though watching cat reality TV on the iPad seems passive, I've noticed a big increase in running around kitty fits later and I'm happy about that.

So yeah I spend a lot of time with my cat. No apologies!

Look at this!

The couple in the second row is my nephew and his fiancée at Disney in California.

I don't know if that is photo shopped in someway but even if it is it's awesome!


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