Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Chasing Graycee

Super fun day spent with Cooper and then swimming with the snake handlers. (Check out yesterday's blog). Turns out the petting zoo at Karen's work was for grandparents day. It was the perfect way to get lots of kids out! I should also report that Emily petted the snake even though she did not hold it and that it felt like leather not slimy or scaly. Also it tasted both Caleb and Emily with its tongue which Caleb reports just felt kind of like being licked by a cat.

Cooper's main idea of fun is chasing Graycee around the kitchen and living room. Graycee loves it too. She initiated the game today by purposely rolling one of Cooper's hard plastic balls around the hardwood floor to get our attention. Then she grabbed her stuffed animal and let the merry chase. Both of them understand the theory of turning around and going the other direction if they get too far behind.

Clearly I left my proper lens at home so I was using my iPod for these. Pictures from the long lens tomorrow.

I was pleased that I got a little game going between Cooper and myself where we feed his pal Scout some pretend nummy nums. You can see a little bit of dramatic action if you click here.

Cooper's big brother Noah joined in the fun game of chase too! I so wish I had the better camera but you certainly get the spirit of the game.

And an idea of the sheer amount of times Cooper would be willing to do this!

In the meantime Ozzy was pretty sure that since I was just sitting there I could get busy and take off his cone of shame.

These pictures definitely need captions!

Cooper had some banana and Graycee was kind enough to make sure there was no trace left!

So much fun!


Surely that's just someone who doesn't want to be asked to do that again!

Graycee would have been a complete flop sweat around this many bananas!

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