Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Gopher 1 Me 0

This might be a first! No pictures that I've taken today. Did I take any pictures? Oh my yes. But they are waaaaaay over on my desk across the room though and will need to wait till tomorrow when I can move those extra 3 steps.

Today Dana and Cooper and Graycee and I went to pick apples at my other niece Deborah's farm near Shakespeare. It was awesome. Such a fantastically beautiful day. I stepped in a gopher hole, nearly pitched over and kind of twisted my leg but it was totally worth it! Then I went swimming with my other people tonight and didn't hold back.

I know I will probably be more than fine tomorrow. But tonight my next and only steps will be towards bed.

I did get a chance to upload a little bit of our fun ride out to the country. You can see it here.

Cooper and I are making more little jokes, he remembered the nummy num one from last week and that makes me happy.


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