Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hair spray

Long weekend means poker night at my brother's. The snacking started out with smoothie shots. Nothing too outrageously healthy in them that I know of besides fruit. That's not always the case!

I had a Super Jim (three 3's) and 4 sevens at one point but went out 3rd last.

Henry prevailed in the end...

though Grampa Jim probably wouldn't have gone all in on the cards he had if Olivia hadn't been so sleepy!

Gotta love a last minute call to cards!

Marcia brought out some old pictures they came across recently. A real find as I'd not seen these in a very long time if ever. Henry will scan them better but I took some shots with my iPod. I wasn't around yet in these days so don't look for me!

Henry's the oldest born in 1950. See if you can see Cooper.

There's baby Al, the spitting image of his sons when they were babies:

Today's walk. Getting a bit tired of the humid weather, looking forward to fall!

Kiwi and Harrison touched noses briefly, sad that I missed it.

A very frequent visitor at my door these days:

Let's pretend that's a filter not dirty window.


For lack of finding any funny Meme's today please enjoy these various hairstyles as created by Emily:

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