Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Everybody into the pool

I took all theses pictures today except for the ribs with my underwater camera. It's touch and go whether I will be returning it or not. It had condensation inside for about 2 weeks. Apparently that's kind of normal but it's supposed to clear up a lot faster than that. We'll see.

The main problem tonight was that I should have set it on automatic instead of no flash. The light was not good and I apparently was in denial that the days are getting shorter.

I did have the flash forced on for my walk with Harry while he enjoyed the dog pee post.

The boy does loves him a message from a dog!

Emily came and found us!

And we headed over for rib night.

I still think it's hilarious that three kids and Karen and I enjoy eating at a nursing home this much! But only every third Wednesday.

The most exciting news is that we had company for swimming.

See flash could have captured the touchdown call but this is kind of psychedelic too.

The big boys rode the slide 20 times conducting a scientific study on what technique caused the most speed.

But got some smiles too.

Cooper lasted till almost 9pm!

PS this is a not so happy touch down that Dana captured:

Apparently the chair above is the correct chair to sit in to do touchdowns but he gave me one here last week too:

One of the best parts of the touchdown is watching adults doing it while they ask him for it.

By the way the new crop of lifeguards seems quite laid-back and friendly. This is the time of year when we get a new batch of them. Every year I try to be friendly and smile and say hi and get pretty much nothing.

This year at least three of them smiled, three of them talked to me and one of them told me how to do the exercise I was doing so that it would work better which I loved. This is unprecedented!

Could our rule pool be becoming the friendly pool? We'll see!


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