Sunday, 8 September 2013

Chasing Yellow and white

Some people have asked me why I'd need a new camera since I took good pictures before. I take that as a big compliment but today was one of those days where I was pretty happy to have my new camera. Yellow was the order of the day and I got a few more of the moths/butterflies in action. The moving buttermoths are not hyper clear but they never would've happened at all previously.

Sometimes it's not easy to crop.

I'm sure they're just slow dancing :)

All of this happened in the half hour it took my laundry to wash. I knew I would lose the light if I waited till Harrison's walk.

I hope next year our flowers attract some other colors as well but I'm sure not complaining.

This neighbor was complaining long and loudly. He or she yelled at Harrison and me for at least 15 minutes.

Harrison loves to meet neighbours along the way.

Edited to add:

That's not Harrison without a leash below by the way Harry would love to have a chat with this cat!


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