Sunday, 15 September 2013

Football & Miss America

Laundry and football day! Well and this evening Miss America too. It's hilarious to watch it while following my favorite American bloggers on Twitter.

Best line of the night came from a tattooed Miss Kansas who is a mechanic in the army:

My talent would have been archery but they have a clause against projectile objects.

So she taught herself to sing opera via YouTube. Some people were all huffy about her breathing or what have you but I say wow!

Miss Florida twirled batons while wearing a bedazzled knee brace. They had pop-up video during the talent portion. The girl would be singing or Irish dancing away and all of a sudden you'd find out that she's afraid of clowns or something. It was awesome.

Speaking of awesome this is 89 year old Bea ahead of me on my walk. She would've lapped me but she only went around once.


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