Friday, 8 April 2016

A day at the museum - river monsters and all

Here are my pictures from our photograhy group's trip to the museum in March. 

I noticed this reptile in the pond right away and really wondered where it fit in to this regional museum. 

So I fired off an email that night:

To: Ask A. Curator
Subject: Croc question 

Wondering why there's an alligator or crocodile in the reflection pond? Whimsy? Got flushed in the grey water? [they use rainwater to flush] Very curious :-)

I received a reply the next morning:


Thank you for your email regarding the alligator in our pond.  We are actually working on some signage to accompany the statue.  The alligator was installed as part of a previous exhibit - Museum Mysteries - and proved to be so popular with guests that we decided to keep it in the pond.

The alligator is in reference to our local Nith River monster - Nithy.  In July of 1953, strange tracks were found along the banks of the Nith River in New Hamburg.  Chief Constable George Thomas was the only person who claimed to have seen the monster - at night - but it escaped into the river before he could get a good look.

In hopes of capturing the beast, Tuffy Truesdell - a professional alligator wrestler - brought several of his gators to town.  Truesdell was unsuccessful and the monster remained at large.  Nithy was never captured but its legendary story was carried by newspapers as far away as Oneonta, New York and Townsville, Australia.

I hope that helps to answer your question, but if you require any additional information, please let me know.  Thank you for your interest in the Waterloo Region Museum and Historic Sites.

With kind regards,

Stacy McLennan
Collections Curator & Registrar

It was interesting taking pictures in the mostly dark. 

In case you wonder why you can't get rid of your dandelions:

This bat display was a huge hit. 

Alice got this awesome picture of me. 

Apparently you were supposed to listen and hear things like a bat but I either couldn't or was too excited about the photo op. 

Hazel was a nice bright target. 

As you can see I loved these trunks. 

Some family history 

Early history of Sunnyside:

Notice the carefree piggy on the right side. 

This saw reminds me of "helping" dad work. 

Button button so high. 

Alice and Hannah with matching necklaces 

The gift shop was always the best part for me as a kid and it didn't disappoint!

Hi Emily :-)

Melissa bought us all a fortune telling fish. 

Mine was ambivalent. 

A fun day as will tomorrow be as I head off to the aquarium for my birthday!

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