Thursday, 14 April 2016

Cooper Vs Lionfish

I loved these fish. They were right up there with the jellyfish for me as far as wanting to take their pictures. They're venomous and an invasive species because they're so rugged so I guess I shouldn't love them too much. 

Some of them looked like they had pearls or sequins but I didn't really capture that. Next time. 

Cooper had planned well ahead of the day that he was going to shout at the fish. And the lion fish tank is where it first happened. I liked it for the interaction and the smiles. Looks like he's yelling at himself. 

Almost looks like a hologram looking back out. 

Cooper finally got to play in the playpark. 

This was a two second photo chance and I got it!

Ava gave me a bit more time :-)

Still lots more aquarium pictures to go. 

I tried out my new bubble machine today and it works great. A little bubble juice goes for a long time. 

I can't wait till things green up and there are flowers in the background although I have very very much been enjoying the no bug thing which will probably be over soon. The picnic table squirrels were not bothered by the sound of the machine or the bubbles. Well there were a few jumps but that's the price of peanuts in this hood. Those pictures another time. I did go over again later with no props so they got some freebies :-)

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