Monday, 4 April 2016

Snow robins

My poor plant is frozen solid but I'm feeling a lot better since I banished the smell to outside. Wasn't really expecting for its life to become this tough or I would have given it away. 

My porch Robin was greatful for the path Henry shovelled on his way to the airport for a quick Florida trip. 

It could hardly be bothered to get out of my way. 

For a while I thought I'd have to change the name of the blog to bird walking. 

Haven't seen many icicles this year. 

Thought I'd try some pea pods today. 

The peas were sniffed


Sniffed again

And left in the dust. 

There's a peanut in here somewhere. 

Got it!

It wasn't easy but I made it over the unshovelled sidewalk. 

Happy to see by the seed hulls that the finches are eating and probably would have been all winter if I'd cleaned the feeder sooner. Live and learn. 

Snowy squirrel nests. 

Everyone either not home or still curled up warmly. There were a few tracks but not many. 

Cool huh

The gazebo made an interesting backdrop pattern in the bubbles. Want to try it again. 

I didn't try my new bubble machine out today. Feel like that might be more of a warm weather thing. 

This happened. 

No takers for the peas here either. 

Flash of red. 

Trying to get bubbles in with the Robin. 

Came home to porch Robin again. 


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