Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter cuties

Apparently in Scotland and northern England it's a tradition to roll Easter eggs down a hill. Or pace-egging. 

They've done it on Easter Monday on the White House lawn too (where they roll the eggs with large spoons) since 1814 except for in 1877 when they put in a new lawn and Congress over reacted by passing a law making it illegal to use the grounds as a children's playground. President Rutherford Hayes brought the tradition back.

Lizzy was just as happy to play with a stick :-)

But she did get into the swing of the egg thing. 

Mostly she enjoyed poking holes in them and feeling the squishy texture. 

The gulls were more than happy to clean up

And a good time was had by all. 

Logan is growing fast and has tons of smiles!

Lorelai and Autumn celebrated st paddy's day in style. 

And just generally have a great time!

Three months already. 

Egg hunting!

Autumn with her mom Ashley. 

Beautiful new outfits!

Cutest baby elephant ever. 

Speaking of Easter...

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