Friday, 15 April 2016

A few days

Today I took some pictures of people across the way at the nursing home for a newsletter type thing about art. Made me happy but not really something I can show here yet. They might be including some of my other pictures as well. 

Happy to put my new flowers outside today!

Hopefully it will stay warm enough at night. 

More pictures from the last few days. 

Notches stopping to check if there are any wild props today. 

Just an apple. You can clearly see that I interrupted the kit's lunch. 

She systematically took all the peanuts on her side of the apple. 

Thought back and forth about the apple. 

Hmm how to get to that peanut?

Got it!

Lots of cat walking. I'm learning patience again. Harry cannot be controlled by peanuts. 

Don't always notice bird's nests. 

It was neat to take pictures in lower light. 

Not often I get eye colour. 

Tune in here:

tomorrow Saturday at approximately 1:30 to see Karen's group sing in Michigan. I think they are group 8 or 9. You can move the video back if you miss it. 

They are sounding really good and should do well!

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