Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Rockway gardens & Notches goes all Neo

The tulips were not really out yet at Rockway, these were almost the only tulips we saw that were open yesterday and they were at a neighbouring house. 

But there were lots of daffodils and narcissus. 

Henry found out that these pansies were planted last fall. They're trying hard to thrive in this cold dry spring. 

A few pioneers. 

Back home, I continue to enjoy this stage of the crabapples. 

I'm also enjoying making props for squirrel shoots. I can't draw but I can kind of copy. 

Notches stood up for herself today. 

This lady enjoyed a workout on the bird feeder pole. 

The idea of the sign is that I can fill it in later.  

Chalkboard paint is fun!

I had no company on the bench today. I guess all the extroverts had gone home early. 

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