Monday, 11 April 2016

Cooper and the jellyfish & Lizzy has bangs!

Looked at the jellyfish pictures with the kids in them tonight. I liked the effect with and without flash. 

And I liked that Dana unknowingly gave me some light for his face at times. 

This wasn't a long time period and there was quite a scrum and rightfully so as it was really cool. 

I liked that Ava and Cooper just automatically held hands as they moved on. He was always aware of where Emily and Ava were. 

The promised Lizzy bangs were only visible in this picture. So cute!

I feel like paparazzi stalking a style change for Kate :-)

Logan is full of smiles these days. 

Lizzy had a bag full of food for the deer who grabbed it out of her hand but she forgave them. 

Yesterday was the first outing for my new acorn that my niece Deborah made for me. 

No food on the stumps cause I wanted them to come to the set up. 

Much hemming and hawing from Notches when there's a new prop. 

There's one design flaw in the acorn. 

And that is that it needs to be weighted because it sails with any breeze. 

But every time it flew away a squirrel chased it in case it was food so maybe that's more of a design feature. 

I went out again later when it started snowing. 

I always think it will be the last snow but am proven wrong. 

I don't feed the squirrels at my place because we're not supposed to but yesterday there was a squirrel in front of my porch who clearly recognized me and expected a treat. I told him to follow me and we headed over to the usual place. 

Is it just me or does this Robin look angry?

The birthday celebrations continued on at Jack's tonight with my high school buddies. We had a ridiculously good time! 

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