Sunday, 3 April 2016

For the birds

Thought I'd head over to the gazebo today because the way it's snowing I'm not sure I'll make it tomorrow. I love snow but even I don't want it to stick around. 

I don't think these crocuses are gonna survive this time. 

It was a really quick back and forth between sun and cloud kind of day. 

The finches were really active.  

I had one squirrel customer. 

This finch was so brightly neon that it looks like I've adjusted the highlights too much. 

Mini eagle. 

With no competition this squirrel was basically sitting down to full course meal. 

Photo bomber on the bottom right. 

Mr Neon is getting dressed up for spring I think. 

I bet Notches is sticking pretty close to her pups, who wouldn't have fur yet, to keep them warm so I put some peanuts right under her tree. Hopefully last year's adolescents are piling on to make a warm nest. 


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