Sunday, 17 April 2016

Cold shoulder

Well this is frustrating. My tendinitis has flared up badly in my shoulder and I can barely hold a cup much less a heavy camera. I'm hoping it's just worsened due to the aches because of having a mild cold. Can't really go for walks because using a rollator hurts. Let's go with believing that once the cold leaves the frozen shoulder will too. And if I smarten up and rest I should be ok again. 

Just when I got all these fun squirrel props too!

Here are a few chickadee pictures from yesterday. 

Well look who is getting cuter by the minute!

And look at karen all decked out at contest!

Maybe next year her quartet Contour will be singing at contest as well. 

The medals!

Kind of liked the accidental effect this screen shot had :-)

Well done Grand Harmony! Here's their performance if you missed it:

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