Wednesday, 20 April 2016

When worlds collide

Had a new face looking for peanuts today. Would be cool if this Cardinal joined the regulars. 

He raced out onto the sidewalk for a shelled peanut. 

I started the day trying out a tripod that my friend and fellow photography enthusiast Annie kindly gave me this morning. My shoulder is feeling a lot better but if I can use a tripod sometimes I think it might help. 

Most of my targets don't sit still like this though :-)

It was fun to try it out and I was surprised how easily the camera went on and off the tripod. 

These chappies are not ones to stand still. 

Especially this young fellow. 

Who needed to raid the bird feeder even though there were lots of peanuts floating around. 

I think it was just more fun. 

Posing by the lone daffodil. 

Love these little blue flowers in the grass. 

You might want to get used to these kind of shots. Really great manual focus practice. 

I had already been over to the gazebo twice but after supper Harry flat out insisted on going for a walk and I was surprised that we got all the way over to the picnic table squirrels. I hadn't brought my good camera. 

They weren't the slightest bit cowed by Harrison and came what I consider too close for peanuts. 

I guess they can tell a non threat when they see one. 

We even made it to the gazebo!

Notches was NOT impressed with Harry being with me and hollered at us without ceasing until we left.  

I thought it was kind of neat that the two got to "meet". Harry only makes it over there about twice a year so it's all good. 

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  1. I'm glad you got to try the tripod. It is very easy to take the camera off and put the camera on. I realized late last night that I didn't show you that procedure.
    Great photos from last night.