Saturday, 9 April 2016

Birthday splash

This is a %100 squirrel free post!

Today I had an amazing birthday! A few weeks ago I realized I have not had a spring season without surgery or being around hospitals since 2011 and that means I have not had a pain free birthday either. Today I feel like my people helped me make up for all of that!

However this is what my computer gave me for my birthday. 

So while it is in the brother shop I have the loan of a niece laptop and tomorrow I will start tackling looking at the 900 pictures I took today on my big camera. For tonight I'll just post some pictures from my iPod and Karen's phone. We have all of Emily's pictures to look forward to as well! 

I hope you like fish. 

Starting out. 

Graycee jumped in Karen's van and gave me a birthday kiss on the cheek before we left. She couldn't quite believe she wasn't coming. 

Cooper was so excited his hair stood on end - well maybe that and static electricity. 

We picked up a friend when we got there!

First selfies. 

Sharks are great at selfies too. 

I was fine while we were in the tunnel but can tell I will experience a little totally-surrounded-by-tons-of-water claustrophobia as I look at these pictures. 

So this happened - touched a shark later too! 

I hope you like jelly fish too because I took one or two pictures. 

All in all a great day!

Oh and while this was a squirrel free post, it isn't a Squarrel free one :-)

An awesome game I got for my birthday. 

And a handmade acorn for squirrel photo opps!

Thanks for all your well wishes, I truly am a fortunate person!

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