Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bonus snow

Today I went on an early birthday trip with some friends to the states. Didn't spend much money but sure had fun!

My friend the Trader Joe's bison. 

Fortunately even though it started snowing as we drove home it didn't stick to the road. 

It did inspire me to get out because it was really beautiful. For once daylight savings time came through and it was still light enough at 6 o'clock. 

I like trying to get precipitation in the air and today was the day for that. 

A yellow apple today. 

Nobody at home at the gazebo area today except one sparrow. 

What some of you want this weather to do:

I've wanted to get this sculpture with snow on it so I came at it from different angles. 

The robins were in full throated protest but except for this one hung out in the middle of evergreens. 

From my iPod:

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

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