Thursday, 28 April 2016

Hungry fish and Cooper drops by

I forgot to show you the pictures from a few weeks ago when I was at Grand Valley Garden Village with Mary. 

This is where she bought me my birthday flowers. I had a really tough time choosing which of these I liked best. 

This was so cool. I think I happened to stand where they usually feed the fish and they came running

With wide open mouths. 

This is where I got the idea for my chalk board pots. 

I had some lovely surprise visitors today! Love Cooper's new hat. 

Harry not so much. I did that, not Cooper. 

Cooper had some neat happy meal stuffies and gave me the one on the right!

I can see it in a squirrel's future :-)

Cooper likes to play with my pirate stuff. 

We headed out for some chalk fun. 

The word cracker was very funny today!

We discovered that throwing chalk breaks. 

Earlier in the day...

We have almost achieved a blossom!

My favourite...

Is when they knock things over. 

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