Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bubble patrol

You can blame our photograhy club for the nice weather. Our next assignment is spring rain so it's been sunny ever since. 

My shoulder is feeling a little better so I ventured out. Trying to limit the amount of time I hold the camera and am going to try to get a tripod. 

The crocuses have called it a day but we have some new kids in town. 

Notches usually shows up about 15 minutes after I get there which leaves me lots of time to set up. 

This was an interesting interaction. 

Notches was not afraid of the crow and just carried on fake burying her peanuts. 

I had no takers for bubbles over at the picnic table today but these two squirrels weren't bothered in fact Notches chased a few between gathering nuts. 

This is a picture I took at the last walk and roll. It literally happened in a few seconds. Nobody posed these people. It was just a happy moment at the start of the walk, they saw my camera and did this. 

Makes me happy. 

So does this boy. 


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