Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sharing the bench

Was happy to see some chippies today. 

Harry and I saw this one 

And had it treed in a light post. 

Harry actually moved on before I was done waiting for it to come out. 

After I dropped Harry off I saw another one in the bush and caught it with its tongue out. 

The squirrels wouldn't let it get too close. 

New bird today. A brown-headed cowbird. 

Apparently the females just keep laying eggs in other bird's nests and leave them to be cared for by whoever's nest it happens to be. 

The finches are happily munching away. 

Well someone or something decided to knock over all three hyacinths but since I have several hundred pictures of them they'll live on. 

The lone daffodil was spared. 

Notches is usually first to arrive. 

Tilly dropped by too!

Notches ignored the bench today and was quite pointed about where I was to throw the food. 

She broke down and headed to the bench after a while. 

My favourite stage:

Here are my iPod pictures from today. 

At one point I was sitting in a cloud of bubbles as they all wanted to head towards me. 

It's actually a lot easier to take pictures of bubbles on a point and shoot but I like trying with the big camera. 

Commando belly guy

This was a first today. 

The squirrels have never come this close but since I was there for 5 innings of bluejay baseball and had run out of peanuts in the shell to throw I guess they figured a more direct approach was called for. 

This guy is pretty much the head honcho once Notches is done and even sometimes when she's not.  When the other grey squirrel got up too he honked and clicked at it till it got down. That video on Facebook. I have yet to capture the annoyed throat clearing sound they make too. 

Henry's taking me to Rockway Gardens tomorrow so there might be more than one daffodil :-)

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