Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Strawberry flower pot squirrels

Today Harry had some fierce spring fever to the point where he rushed out ahead of me when I was going over to feed the squirrels. He knew I'd be a while. 

He thought about it for awhile

Then let me put the harness on. 

He's just so happy for the warm. This is him happy not him not wanting to move. That came later. 

Dusty little pigpen 

I have forgotten my cat walking patience and will need to brush up on it. He found a corner today and parked and so then so did I. 

We studied this grass for quite a while. 

So I studied twigs. 

But this corner was the most amazing corner ever. Finally had to use the click that tells him I'm going to pick him up if he doesn't move it move it. 

We got back to the porch in time for a Robin stand off. 

My new little birthday planter from Mary. It only had one petal of one strawberry blossom left by the time I got it rattled over to the picnic area. 

There's a new kid in town. 

Papa Park-Table-ian did his usual ninja caution moves

Notches was not too fazed by the pot 

But mostly showed me her back. 

Until she finally gave me this pose. 

The petal hung in there! Thanks for this Mary

And this! (The q-tip is a cat toy and has not seen the inside of any ears)

And especially this!

Today's photo shoot was more successful than yesterday's cold windy attempt with my birthday balloon. The squirrels would not have it. Show you that another day. 

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