Thursday, 31 March 2016

Rainy day bath

Today's rain was nice but not exactly warm to sit out in for long. 

My trusty learn about white balance apple. 

I tend to like it a little yellower because it implies sunshine but that might not make sense in the rain. 

My trusty learn about white balance squirrels. 

The bell is hanging in there. 

The rain was coming in the gazebo sideways so I was pretty near this wet too. 

This was fun to watch. I've heard of bird baths but had no idea they were this energetic. 

When my wifi stops being cranky - I'm getting a new kind very soon - we have some Easter fun to catch up on here. Lorelai and Autumn took lots of cute pictures and it turns out in Scotland they roll their eggs down hills and Lizzy was really great at it!

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