Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Celebrating Karen

We had fun today celebrating Karen's birthday. As you know Notches got all dressed up for the occasion. 

But you might not know that Harry did as well. 

We went to Montana's. Emily got the grilled cheese for a bun hamburger. 

 (Her shirt say "Be bold or italic")

We have a take a picture of the first bite of the burger tradition. 

Karen and I had chipotle firecracker burger. Karen's first time. 

My gift to Karen was a bit strange. She's really into colouring right now so I tried to make pages out of some of her favourite pictures. 

We'll see if it works. Maybe it'll be like those colourized movies. 

The other part of her gift was that we didn't ask anyone to sing at her :-)

A bit of shopping rounded out the evening. 

Happy birthday to an amazing sister!

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