Saturday, 19 March 2016

New friends and a walk with Emily

Yesterday was very fun. First of all I met some new neighbours. 

This is Ingrid and her little chippy pal. 

Not sure of the chippy's name. I'll have to ask. But he/she sure is tame!

This is one of my favourite trees all spring summer and fall. Hoping it doesn't get caught in a frost. 

Not often you see two cardinals hanging out on the ground. 

Enjoyed setting a squirrel photo shoot trap among these coltsfoot flowers but had no takers. 

Ran into my little pal Molly! She is so very sweet. 

A closer look at the coltsfoot. It's supposed to be edible and the flowers will die before any leaves appear. 

A bit later Emily came over and we went out for a camera walk. These are my pictures from that walk. 

A robin posed nicely for us. 

Back inside my toes got some colour

And we played with other colours as well. 

Cool huh?!

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