Monday, 21 March 2016

Red apple day

Yesterday's props were red apples. Nobody actually touched this one so I ate it on the way home. The apples are always gone the next day and I did see a squirrel carry one off once but they are clearly not the preferred treat. I just like what they add to the pictures. 

Some new crocuses. Not sure they'll be happy with this cold weather. 

Notches seems to be well. 

Nice Mohawk 

The apples, or anything other than nuts and seeds, are highly suspicious. 

I think this is an older squirrel or one that has had a pretty rough time of it. 

I wouldn't even usually show this but it's healed so very well. It was an open wound two days ago. 

Wondering if it had a run in with the Cooper's hawk that's hanging around. Being wild is a tough life but this squirrel is bouncing back and feistily told Notches where to go in her own territory. 

Had a pretty good view of this woodpecker!

One of the Picnictablians came over for a snack. 

Always surprised that the underside of a crow is not as dark as the top. 

Harry had two or three good warm walk days in a row but not today. Today with its snowing in the sunshine felt cold to even me so we're finally caught up with pictures. 


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  1. That injured squirrel looks like one that had been over here with an injury. I didn't take a photo of it, but have not seen it since.