Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A camera walk with Emily

Toddler roundup tomorrow, today was busy and fun. Lots of snow and sunshine. Then Emily came over with her new birthday 55-250mm lens. It means it'll be easier for her to blur backgrounds as well as see further. 

It was a bit dark by the time they got here  but so much lighter than a few months ago at this time. 

Emily was kind enough to deliver some seeds to the gazebo squirrels because I can't get over there with all the snow. 

Then we headed in to the birds and fish. 

Rhinestone cowbird. 

Love these pictures of Emily and the fish. We'll see her pictures another time. 

Speaking of fish, Anne joined us at the pool tonight. 

She went down her first water slide tonight. Twice! We're not sure why it seemed to move faster for her and she ended up upside down and inside out but never the less she survived and we can show the video evidence to Lizzy who loves slides. 

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  1. Bethany is here now saying how much she loves her Grandma