Saturday, 26 March 2016

Watching diamonds disappear & lots of birds

Once again the sun came out while I was outside. This time most of the ice went with it. 

think this tree looks like it's full of cherry blossoms. 

The birds were very perky today and there were a lot of different kinds including cardinals, red bellied wood peckers, downy headed wood peckers, finches, brown creepers, red bellied nuthatches, house finches, robins, dark eyes juncos, crows, sparrows and chickadees determined to lug off peanuts half the size of their bodies. Given the choice between a sunflower seed and a peanut they'll grab the peanut every time. 

Flowers are not nearly as delicate as their press would have you believe. 

They are recovering quite nicely. 

Harry could hardly make it over the thin band of remaining snow to the sun. 

And wasn't happy with me forcing the issue. 

He sat and glared for a few minutes then pointedly went home. 

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