Thursday, 10 March 2016


Can finally get past the snow drift again. 

It was a first to see a cardinal hanging out on this perch. They're almost always in among twigs on trees. He didn't bother with the food. 

Unlike these friends. 

And these. 

We had some very formally dressed diners today. 

They seemed to get along with the squirrels. 

When Harry stands at the door and tells me he wants to go in I usually take his harness off outside because otherwise he takes off across the room and I have muddy feet. But today he broke the unspoken contract, turned around and headed back. 

He didn't go far at all, that would take weeks and months to build up to and I've no intentions of letting it happen. But it was pretty funny. He sat just out of reach and studiously pretended nothing untoward was happening. 

My rollator became extraordinarily fascinating. 

I pretended nothing strange was happening as well. Nothing encourages a repeat of naughty behaviour in a cat than giving them a satisfying reaction. Just ask my electronics cords. Chasing him would have been the wrong thing to do. 

It was all over in a few minutes and he agreed to go back in. I'm actually kind of encouraged because it means it's warm enough that he's excited to go outside again with all four feet on the ground. 

This happened tonight with my sister/friend Mary. 

We boxed half of it and split this. 

Oh my!

Cooper is back from Florida - pictures soon. 


Chihuahua or blueberry muffin?

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