Friday, 11 March 2016

A walk with Deborah

It was very special to me today to have my niece Deborah join me on my walk. She met me over at the gazebo.  

I got there first and was quite surprised to see crocuses already. 

The crows seem to be becoming regulars. 

Found me!

Deb noticed a few early buds on the crabapple trees. 

And a woodpecker. 

We walked around the big building twice but communed with birds and squirrels too. 

It's new to see house finches over here. 

I took full advantage of an extra set of hands to make bubbles. 

A good excuse to capture such a beautiful smile too. 

This bubble went on forever. 

Got one bursting. Not quite as cool as in the winter but still neat. 

Dark-eyed Junco

Someday I'll remember that name and not have to look it up. 

Notches having a bath. 

And then making it clear I should have put the food on the bench. 

Such a fun afternoon and supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. 

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