Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Buckle up we have a ways to go here. If you stick around I promise to show you some of Logan's recent smiles at the end of this blog. 

Yesterday was a a pretty great day for pictures. Spring weather seems to have arrived. 

The cardinals are very active. 

More like out on a twig than a limb. 

This was so funny. Anything new like the mug I painted at Emily's birthday party last year requires much drama and viewing from all angles. 

You're not going to share?


Nope it's all mine. 

Everyone got some eventually. 

But not from this guy's cup. 


It was very exciting to me to see a red squirrel. 

I only see them in one area and usually around this drain pipe. 

They're much smaller than my greys so I first thought it was a chipmunk. 

Fun to try to follow him through the trees. 

I really wonder what he found here. It looks like a cheesie or a shrimp but if you look at the picture above where did he get it?

Maybe a little carrot or hot pepper?

Gone in a flash of orange. 

Notches approached the mug with caution too. 

But this time it was on her turf and she was soon all in. 

When the violent tipping began I figured I'd better get in there before she threw it on the ground. But I took some more pictures and a video first :-)

The birds are finally using the feeders again. I don't know why they didn't all winter. Maybe when it's -15 I'm not out there long enough to see them. 

I didn't take as many pictures today, my tendinitis is acting up but I enjoyed being outside. 

Saw my first chipmunk for the season

Still have to go off road to get past here. 

I'm training Notches to meet me at this rock because in a few months there'll be a lot of flowers around it. 

Hello friend. 

As promised! Lots of smiles for you. 

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