Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Two days of spring

My niece posted this today

So true. No bugs yet! I can't get enough of it. Out of the last four years, three of them I've spent spring recovering from surgery, and one in hospitals with Mary Lynn. This year I get to see things grow by the millimetre and I love it. There are enough squirrels and birds diving around to fill in any blanks and it's more joy than I can express to you. But I can show you :-)

The rare peanut growing crocus :-)

Sometimes I think I should stop taking pictures of squirrels then Notches gives me one of these. 

Hello Mrs

A little tail whipping

A touch of red on the way home. 

Today was not quite as flat out sunny but it was nice and warm. 

Are you starting to be able to tell when it's Notches without seeing the right ear too?

Her face and back are gold or rust depending on the light. 

And she never carries one peanut when she could be carrying two. 

She picks up her peanuts and runs away to hide them in lots of different directions. 

She surprised me here!

Had been watching since yesterday for this shot. 

Blackbirds not crows I think. 

I put out a bell feeder today. We'll see if it gets rained away tonight. Someone will just eat it off the ground if it does. Looking forward to rain tomorrow. 

There was a new hipster squirrel in town today. Quite the casual cool guy slump. 

And pretty cute even with orange teeth. 

You're going to need to humor me with apple pictures. I find them good subjects to practice manual settings on. They're not quite as jumpy as birds and squirrels. 

And yes I know it's supposed to snow on the weekend :-)


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