Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Sunday

Look at Emily's creation.  It was as delicious as it looks. Chocolate chip cookie Nutella base!

We had a lovely time at Karen's yesterday but first a trip to church with this little pirate

After church there was time for a visit to the sunny crocuses while the pirate attempted a nap at home. 

Harry took a little stroll and paused to feel pensive. 

The boys were relaxing after some basketball when we got to Karen's. 

Lots of fun food and people. 

Karen began her photo bomb career. 

Chilli and chowder. 

Caught Anne behind the tulips. 

A serious looking euchre game. 

Not so serious balloon games. 

Coop and his dad Chris had lots of fun. 

Looks like a serious Dutch Blitz game. 

And Taboo. 

Actually there was more laughing than serious. 

One more photo bomb for the road. 

Oh oh serious again. 

Caleb communing with ALL the chips when he won the game. 

A super great day. 

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