Friday, 4 March 2016

Last chance snow

Just really trying to take advantage of this snow before it disappears. Don't see any in the forecast. Aw well will just need to change gears into looking for signs of spring. 

The gazebo squirrels have figured out that they need to boot it over to the picnic table squirrel's territory when they see me if they want to eat. 

Someone left out chips today. 

This squirrel was pretty cute. It quickly realized that the salt was the best part. 

It licked away for awhile before retreating up a tree for the serious eating. 

Notches has the double peanut move down. 

She's almost certainly going to have kittens. Or kits or pups. 

She has learned to stay to the side and catch my eye when she wants more. 

She decided to pretend to bury the same peanut 

Many times. 

I don't think anyone was fooled. 

Fun to get snow flakes and bubbles in the same shot. 

Like an inside out snow globe. 

Love seeing the tree in the big bubble. 


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