Thursday, 3 March 2016

Toddler roundup

Look who just turned three. Yay!

Such a stylin girl!

Lorelai and Autumn continue to bring the cute!

Yogurt face :-)

Lorelai collects owls

While autumn's deal is elephants. Especially this one made by her Aunt Melissa. 

Though this ones pretty cute too. 

We'll have some more twins a few years apart pictures with Lizzy and Logan next but here are a few new ones for now. 

Meanwhile Cooper paid his respects to his friend Olaf. 

Coop and Grandpa are off to meet his mom and dad in Florida tomorrow so hopefully we'll have lots of pictures of non Olaf weather. It'll be Cooper's first time on an airplane well except for this :-)

Still can't get close to my gazebo squirrels so I just threw some seeds at them. Notches did not approve. 

Harry was stir crazy enough to take his three feet at a time self outside today. 

Olaf is that you?


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