Monday, 14 March 2016

Cooper goes to Florida

Today Henry drove me around to do a bunch of errands. I love texting - Dana and Cooper were out and about and we met up for a little visit. As you can see Cooper had a chocolate cookie!

Last week Cooper was a bit further afield visiting some of his other grandparents in Florida. He had a great visit with them. 

Very nice view

Friendly neighbour?

A chocolate theme

Cooper ate over half of this piece of salmon!

Cooper has discovered Macdonald's playparks

This one had an astronaut theme. 

Judging by the junk in the trunk I think it was modelled after that astronaut from a few years ago who wore diapers so she could drive further. 

One of the things we did today was zip over to rockway gardens to see what was up. The answer was not very much but now we'll have before pictures. 

Some snowdrops. 

A nesting squirrel. 

And maybe most remarkably whole flowerbeds of pansies that appear to have made it through winter alive!


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