Friday, 25 March 2016

Ice ice robin

You won't be surprised to hear that I took a lot of pictures today. 

The sun came out part way through my walk and that was awesome as was the fact that the sidewalks were pretty much bare. There were a few patches where there was invisible ice so I was careful. 

I usually like to have the chance to explain my pictures but today I'm going to simply give you the link to them. 

I guess I can still use my words here. The main thing today was hearing loud reports as icey twigs kept falling and having seen that larger branches were down I tried not to sit under trees as my dad who loved to work in the bush taught me that falling tree limbs can be extremely dangerous. 

Also I was thrilled to see a finch eating away on the feeder that I cleaned thoroughly last week. I'm only sorry that I didn't realize sooner that it was way too dirty for them to use earlier this winter.

Notches seems well and happy and I hope you enjoy my icey day walk. 

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