Thursday, 17 March 2016

Wacky March weather day

Yesterday's weather was crazy. I know we often say if you don't like the weather wait ten minutes but this time it was quite literally true. 

It was also the first time I've ever had the chance to take a picture of a rainbow. I didn't even see any at Niagara Falls and I've certainly never seen a double one like this so I was pretty excited. 

Just in time for leprechaun day :-)

But let's start at the beginning. My walk started out grey. 

Then sunny and just kept on going back and forth. 

It was nice to see Notches having missed her the day before. 

Pretty sure she's nursing pups. 

It started raining gently which didn't bother any of us. 

Then it poured and I took shelter in the gazebo. 

This blue was happening while it poured. 

It wasn't thundering or lightning, I don't fool around in that. A little rain is fun though!

Blam. Sunshine. 

Top five favorite squirrel picture right here:

See the moon?

Back at home while I was looking at these pictures I heard a big thunder storm and some really loud hail. 

When the sun came out I thought there MUST be a rainbow somewhere and sure enough. Two!

You can see the hail on the roof. 

I hunted for more rainbows because it was still kind of raining depending on which way you looked but I didn't find anymore. I did very much enjoy the clouds though. 

Saw the moon again

Such a fun day!-

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  1. beautiful!! And beautiful clouds. wonderful pictures.