Sunday, 20 March 2016

First day of spring

I'm still a day behind, I'm really enjoying it out there!

I know we're not really supposed to like European starlings because they're aggressive, not indigenous and are crowding out other species but my goodness when the sun hits them they are spectacular. 

This guy has his going-courting yellow beak on. In the winter they are brown with white speckles over all. 

We still have quite a few other kinds of birds around here thankfully and I've seen robins more than hold their own against them. 

I didn't put any food on the stumps yesterday. 

And got "the look" because of it. 

Love this bench as a squirrel frame. 

I took the finch feeder home the other day and cleaned it thoroughly. 

Was happy to see an almost immediate reaction. Had not seen a finch there all winter. 

Had a bite in my previous day's squirrel lure among the coltsfoot flowers. It really is a lot like fishing except nobody gets hurt. Well unless I put them in the direct path of the hawk that is hanging around.

The chickadees were busy. 

Harry came out for a real walk. 

And celebrated spring in style!

Dust was coming off of him like Pigpen after this. 

We chased down some kkkkk's (birds) 

Even a hawk. 

Well Harry had his head in a bush while I saw the hawk. 


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