Monday, 2 March 2015

A circle of flowers

I'm excited to share these next pictures with you. On Friday before Emily's party my friend maureen dropped off a gift at my back door.

Chocolates and flowers!

One of her students had randomly given her the same kind of flowers that I've been enjoying given to me by my sister Anne. Maureen put some in water for me in the container I'd given her the traditional yay-you-finished-your-report-cards fudge and they froze very nicely.

I love both the top and bottom views.

I myself would have thrown the flowers in randomly so this arrangement will sooth the hearts of those of you who enjoy order and symmetry.

Today I took a bath instead of a walk but then after cards tonight I was feeling too sporty not to have walked so I went out after dark. It was nice of the moon to be available even if it wasn't quite full.

I don't see rainbows during the day so it was fun to see one at night.


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