Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pirates make a comeback

We all find ways to cope. I was going to list some ways but the problem with that is if I list what you use and you think it's not coping because it's what everyone SHOULD do then you'd stop listening. Or if I listed some ways of coping that society generally frowns upon then you'd stop listening because you felt guilty about it.

Anyway I've been thinking about why I seem to need to have a pirate/shark theme to my cancer journey since it is getting increasingly colourful to the point where my porch is looking quite eccentric. Kind of like that painting where everyone in the village has the same colour house except one person.

I don't really know or care why I need themes and I'm okay with that. You might want to call in some professional help though if I suddenly start doing an interpretive shark dance on my porch. Although what I do to express my joy when I'm in the pool is between me and the life guards who are contractually obligated to watch me.

All that to say, I have been feeling that pirates have been under represented in my pictures of late, so I rummaged through my old Lego pail and found this ship!

I put it in some blue water in a Costco rotisserie chicken container, as you do, and things just kind of escalated from there.

Please know that if you don't get all of this you are not alone:

Not every item has a meaning that I'm aware of but the rabbit in the canoe is those of you who choose to come along for the journey.

This shark is just flat out having fun!

This big green fish under the net is the cancer. The net is containing it and gently removing it from harm.

Found more guys and more hats!


This is where I found more guys and hats:

And a parrot! And a monkey! And an shark companion for Emily's rainbow loom sharks!

And actual pirates!

Sadly there's no girl pirate. Yet. I'll have to see if I can find a head without 5 o'clock shadow and make it a girl although if I don't pluck my chin it could be representative anyway :-)

I had forgotten that I had these Lego sets from my 90's inner child work phase. I figure I can worry or I can play and playing is more fun.

The pink shark is smelling the roses.



Gotta love how this guy approaches winter!

I'm a little conflicted about the guns cause I hate guns but there you are - I'm not fond of surgery either.

V for victory or W for win:

Look who played Lego yesterday too!


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