Saturday, 28 March 2015

All wound up

I was very excited yesterday to see that some family members ran into Alton Brown from the food network!

Deb and TJ were actually in town to see his show but they had not expected to meet him in person earlier in the day! They said Alton was very nice and joked around with them.

Melissa is off to Cuba today for a week! Can't wait for those pictures. Hope she has a spectacular time!

Well. Received a big box of wound care items yesterday and away we go. That's one advantage of having nurses from CCAC come in, I don't have to buy the supplies. In the meantime some had been provided quite providentially :-)

Every time I pee I'm to use up one of these saline babies to clean:

Then dry and clear away guk with sterile gauze and use an abdominal pad in an effort to not drain in random and various places around my apartment.

An open wound takes longer to heal (but it can, and it will) and although it's still extremely painful, it's not pulling nearly as badly as when the stitches were all in place.

Karen will take me to Hamilton on Monday to see what the surgeon says. They had warned me that this could happen what with it being the second surgery on skin that has had radiation.

Cooper's mom Dana who as you know is a vet tech, says that they've been seeing a large dog lately every three days for an open wound and she hopes that I'll be a little less likely to growl or bite at my nurses :-)

This afternoon I had a visit from a dear friend. We chatted until I came pretty close to actually falling asleep on her!

So I shooed her on her way, having been very happy to see her and had a small nap and then a small walk in the sun.

Just one more week and and I will be able to take your picture again moon:

My good camera is all clean and Melissa will bring it home from Toronto next Sunday. The separation has been worth it but also really almost anxiety provoking. (I put the word 'almost' in there in an attempt to sound cool about it) (did it work?) Will appreciate it all the more now!

Here's something that my good friend Sue left in my window for me the other night:

I love it and it will fit in very very nicely in my little photo stories!


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