Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pirate girls and chickadees

Here she is. Not sure of her name yet.

My apologies to the cat. The only way she can hold it right now is by the tail.

The cat might need a tabby paint job to match a certain someone.

I guess stripes could be added afterwords too.

We have some really dramatic icicles on our building that I would love to take pictures of but pointing the camera at buildings around here is kinda iffy so I try to find them in uninhabited corners.

Took lots of pictures of this chickadee. It might be a candidate for a hide and seek story with Lizzy the elf.

Exactly one week before I go under the knife on the 16th.

Got all the stuff I need to prepare. I don't actually want to eat jello but Popsicles are dead to me after last time and I can get creative with all these colours.

Ha! That picture totally reminds me of when Homer was so nervous buying fireworks that he bought anything else he could think of first.


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