Monday, 30 March 2015

Bonus Hamilton visit

Karen and I headed to Hamilton bright and early this morning. It was a lot less nerve-wracking than exactly two weeks ago for the surgery so that was nice. Also the pain has eased up some so the car ride wasn't nearly as bad as it would have been even yesterday.

I burst into laughter when I saw this on the clinic wall:

Dr Elit the surgeon agrees with my family doctors diagnoses that the stitches on my wound blew and it is infected. The good news is that they can tell healing has already begun and things should heal just fine though slower than if this hadn't happened. The antibiotics I am on are the right ones and I just have to keep on doing the good wound cleaning and all that jazz.

We are gearing up for Lizzy's visit beginning this weekend but in the meantime a few cutie pie pictures of little Rebekah.

Come on how cute are Rebekah and Lola!

This is a sign close to their home. They've had a little snow this winter!

Surgeon said I may walk as much as I can so I made it halfway around the building this afternoon.


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